Going Dairy Free – How to cut out Dairy

Going Dairy Free – How to cut out Dairy

It’s time to break up. 

This time, it’s not me, it’s you – Dairy. I know you’re not good for me.

But there’s one thing…I just can’t quit you? Why?

Let me tell you why. 

Because dairy is addicting to the brain. So your brain literally thinks you can’t live without it.

But ya know what?

You can not only live without it, you can THRIVE being dairy-free.

But first, why cut out dairy?

Besides the environmental and animal welfare aspect, your health may improve in these 3 ways:

  1. Better Digestion – Diarrhea? Gas? Bloating? Constipation? These are all signs you are eating something that doesn’t agree with you and dairy is one of the top food intolerances. By cutting out dairy, you may reduce inflammation in the gut and improve your gut health. And…EVERYTHING STARTS IN THE GUT. Having healthy digestion is the first step and often the root cause of everything from weight gain to hormones to energy and mood.
  2. Clearer Skin – Can you really clear up acne by changing the food you eat? Absolutely. Our skin is our biggest organ so when it’s not happy, it’s telling us that we are eating something it doesn’t like. Dairy is often a huge culprit behind skin issues like acne.
  3. Allergy Relief – If a runny nose, cough, sneezing or congestion is part of your every day life, cutting out dairy may be your answer. Dairy is extremely mucous causing and you may have an allergy to it that you don’t even realize.

So now you know why…let’s get on to how.

The first step to breaking up with dairy is learning about creamy replacements that are dairy-free.

Here are my top 5 ways to make things creamy without dairy:

  1. Cashews + water – soak the cashews, and blend together for a great creamy base like in this dairy-free sour cream recipe. This is great on tacos, salads, nachos or as a dip!
  2. Tahini – made from ground up sesame seeds, mix with some lemon juice, water, garlic and salt for a great dressing/sauce for Buddha bowls.
  3. Coconut cream – similar to canned coconut milk, but less water. Mix with nutritional yeast for an “alfredo” type sauce or whip up to use in desserts instead of whipped cream.
  4. Nutritional Yeast – with a bit of a nutty/cheesy flavor, these flakes are great on veggies, in soups and mixed with cashews + water to give it more of a cheesy flavor.
  5. Avocado – can be used for more than guacamole! Avocado actually has quite a mild flavor and if mixed right, can add a creamy texture to dressings and even desserts like this healthy chocolate mousse. 

A slow metabolism, imbalanced hormones and lack of energy are not just a part of getting older. If you get to the root cause, it is possible to feel good in your body again. 

Take the quiz to find out what root causes are affecting your metabolism. 

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