Butternut Squash Casserole

Butternut Squash Casserole

Back in the day I used to make a mean macaroni and cheese casserole…I’m talking 4 different kinds of cheese, cream, butter and a ton of pasta. It was the holidays after all, and calories don’t count right? Well…that’s how I used to be, but I started noticing that not only did my stomach feel like crap, but my whole mood was affected after the holidays…no bueno.   But that mac and cheese….

These days, even if I wanted to splurge, my body would freak out if I ate that.  Fortunately, I’ve come up with some creative ways to still get that creamy rich deliciousness of home-made macaroni and cheese without dairy or gluten…what?! And could you actually call it healthy? Yes! The main ingredient is butternut squash and I even snuck in some nutritional yeast which is full of a ton of vitamins and minerals, especially b-vitamins–great to counteract any holiday spirits you may be partaking in. Nutritional Yeast may sound weird if you haven’t used it, but it works…trust me, and it’s available at any health food store (in bulk at Sprouts in San Diego), or via Amazon or Vitacost. It’s like sprinkling instant vitamins in your food and it helps with the rich creamy flavor.

I egluten-free-pastaven found some amazing gluten-free pasta at Trader Joe’s for this. Of course regular pasta or any other brand would work as well, but if you’re looking trying to stay away from gluten…Trader Joe’s did it right.

Even if you are going to indulge in all the heavy holiday food (no judgments, I get it!), this is a great recipe that will trick your tastebuds into thinking it’s unhealthy, while still being nice to your tummy.   If you’re looking for a side dish for a pot luck, this one is sure to please even the biggest dairy and meat lovers (and can be made the night before, so it’s pretty convenient).

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