What’s the best plant-based milk?

What’s the best plant-based milk?

“Did you lose weight?” I heard this over and over a few months after I decided to see what would happen when I cut out dairy. ⁠

I honestly didn’t know because I had already decided to stop weighing & judging myself based on a number on the scale, but I sure did feel a million times better! ⁠

No more bloating, no more gas, no more breakouts from hot yoga. For me, this was a game changer. And I’m not alone, I’ve seen this one change make MASSIVE impact with so many of my clients. ⁠

Even if you’re not ready to give up your dairy entirely (I know…CHEESE), switching out your pus-filled dairy milk with a plant milk is not only good for you…it’s good for the environment…or is it? ⁠

Not all dairy milks are made the same, so check out how all the non-dairy milks add up.

My favorite is pea protein…it’s sooooo creamy, gets soooo frothy in my matchas and makes all baked goods super fluffy! ⁠


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