Podcast – Activated Woman

Podcast – Activated Woman

Meet Taylor Carr- the queen of manifesting like a woman and unlocking the power of the divine feminine.

She had me on her podcast to talk about how to step into our true power by taking our health into our own hands.

We also got into what affects the libido, how nutrition can affect our mood and emotions and how being in a patriarchal society has negatively impacted the research on women’s health (yeah, we went there).

And of course we talked all things hormones, how trauma, stress and nutrition all tie together, and what a holistic approach actually looks like.

We got deep.

We both had some vulnerable moments and shared our personal journeys that led us to be so passionate about what we do.

I think you’ll be able to relate.

I also threw in some golden nuggets that have helped my clients get big results, so I wanted to make sure you to send this your way, because I know you’ve been trying and on a path to healthier living.

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