3 Must-Have Herbs for Traveling

3 Must-Have Herbs for Traveling

How many times have you gone on a trip only to come back and get sick? I actually have a pretty strong immune system, but when I do get sick…it’s always after traveling. I tend to still eat pretty healthy, but lack of sleep, too many festivities and the additional germ exposure tend to catch up with me.

After many post-vacation sicknesses, I’ve learned my lesson…always bring my herbs! I am good about taking vitamins while traveling but having the right medicinal herbs can make so much more of a difference.


Here are my top 3 herbs to stay healthy while traveling:

1.  Echinacea

What it does – Echinacea is an immune system superstar. It’s like a swift “kick” that helps your body fight off all types of common ailments. It’s antiviral, anti-septic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and it can also be used topically on poisonous bites. So basically…this will help your immune system fight off the bugs before they do any kind of damage.

How to take it – Tincture form is extremely more effective than capsules; you can buy a 1 oz bottle and add a full dropper to a few ounces of water. I plan to do this every morning and 2-3 times a day the first few days I return…just in case.

2.  Bee Propolis

What it does – This is the strongest anti-everything. They have yet to find a bacteria that is resistant to it or can become resistant to it. If you are going to Mexico…this is a must. I learned that the hard way after being sicker than I’ve been in years after a trip to Cabo. I have effectively knocked out food poisoning in the past before it ever actually made me sick, so I should have known better. You can read more about propolis here.

How to take it – Tinctures are definitely more effective, but capsules will still work. I take two capsules a day (it’s also a great antioxidant) while traveling and keep a tincture on me in case I eat something that doesn’t agree with me.

3.  Ginger

What it does – Ginger is the most powerful natural anti-nausea remedy so it’s a must if you are doing anything that might cause motion sickness.  It’s also anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, analgesic, a great antioxidant and good for your immune system in general.

How to take it – For motion sickness, taking a tincture 30 minutes before traveling will help prevent nausea. When I go camping or anywhere that I can bring my own liquids, I like to boil the fresh root for about 20 minutes and then strain it, add honey and bring it as healthy morning tonic.

Bonus: Milk Thistle

What it does – Milk Thistle is your liver’s best friend. So if you are asking your body to process unhealthy food and/or alcohol on your trip, then this is a must-have. It not only helps cleanse the liver, but it builds and strengthens it as well. Even if you are eating clean and abstaining from alcohol, if you are exposed to a lot of airborne pollutants (exhaust), Milk Thistle is your go-to.

How to take it – I actually take Milk Thistle on a pretty regular basis because our environment is so polluted and our livers have the job of processing all of those pollutants (as well as everything else we put in our bodies). I usually take a full dropper of the tincture in the morning, but capsules actually work pretty well. When traveling and a week following my return, I take 2-3 times that dosage.

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