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  • The 5 steps to improve metabolism
  • Why diets and counting calories aren’t working and how they may be damaging your metabolism
  • The root causes that may be slowing down your metabolism and draining your energy

Spoiler alert: Eliminating carbs, starving yourself (aka “fasting”) and going keto don’t actually boost metabolism.

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Nicole Brors

Certified Nutritionist, Certified Herbalist, Women’s Health Coach

I’ve taken the diet pills. I’ve cut out carbs. I’ve wondered “why is weight loss so hard?” and I have struggled with imbalanced hormones.

Anxiety? Check.

Not feeling in control and wanting to improve my metabolism? Check.

Struggling to sleep through the night? Check.

Having the doctors tell me nothing was wrong or that I was normal and having to figure it all out on my own? Check.

I remember the days of feeling like my metabolism was just slow, and not understanding the first thing about my hormones.

But just like you…I knew there was a better way.

So I researched. I experimented. And I got formal education in nutrition, herbs and lab assessments so I could finally understand how to get to the root cause of what was going on, and create a healthy lifestyle…without dieting.

These days…I don’t turn to wine and cheese to deal with my stress. I eat until I’m full and satisfied. I never feel deprived, and I experienced weight loss without counting calories or going on a diet. I’ve found workouts I love and don’t feel the need to “run off my calories.” I sleep better, feel happier, and my libido is healthier than ever.

Best of all, I don’t have to rely on caffeine to have energy or focus.

And my clients? They feel the same.

This is the way it should be — for me, for them…and for you.

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