Testimonials for Nicole Brors – San Diego Nutritionist

[gap size=”1em” id=”” class=”” style=””][container id=”customb” class=”customb” style=””][text_output]“Best nutritionist in San Diego for natural and healthy foods, especially if you are thinking of becoming a vegan or vegetarian! Basically, I was a bachelor and I needed guidance for grocery shopping, meal prep and did one of her cooking classes focused on smoothies and juicing – was geared to yogis/athletes (pre and post workouts).

I was taken to People’s in Ocean Beach for a one hour tour (place is all vegetarian), and I learned the best things to pick out from each isle. She also treated me to a salad in their cafe, and told me what salad bar items pack the best nutrition (I was focusing on slowly eating less meat and just making sure I was getting good protein).

My work is hiring her for our corporate wellness program based on her nutritionist certification…sweet! She has awesome teas too, they cleanse you out ;)” – L.K., San Diego

[/text_output][/container][container id=”customb” class=”customb” style=””][text_output]“Nicole’s enthusiasm and passion for nutrition and health is palpable. She is client centered and committed to understand the client’s individual needs. I appreciate how Nicole presents nutritional plans in a accessible and practical manner. I highly recommend Nicole for individuals seeking sustainable and intentional living” – M.S., San Diego[/text_output][/container][container id=”customb” class=”customb” style=””][text_output]“Passionate, motivating, inspiring, creative, and knowledgeable are but just a few things that describe Nicole and Dance to the Beet. I attended one of her classes on juicing and smoothies. It was phenomenal. She makes her own recipes and shared them with us. She explained the benefits to each of the hand picked ingredients and where to source the best in quality.

Her vibrant energy in itself was much needed vital nutrition. The whole class was very engaged and Nicole really knows how to create fun through health and nutrition. I learned so many ways to heal myself through proper nutrition.

Her class was such a hit, she even had someone who was so impressed with her, he offered to invest in a brick and mortar for her just so he could have her delicious juices and shakes on the daily. She even sent us all home with some of her favorite recipes. I can’t wait to attend the next one and continue my personal journey via nutrition with Nicole and Dance to the Beet!” – A.R., San Diego[/text_output][/container][text_output]


[gap size=”1em” id=”” class=”” style=””][container id=”customb” class=”customb” style=””][text_output]“I’ve had stomach problems for as far back as I can remember. Nicole worked with me on a holistic plan to fix myself. She also made me special tea that saved my life. She’s one of those people that when you meet her and talk to her you actually feel better about life just knowing someone like her is out there. I took one of her workshops on juicing and smoothies and I learned a LOT about other ways of getting nutrition that I had never encountered before. She’s amazing, and as I said, you’ll feel better about life just knowing she’s in it and wants to help you.” – M.W., San Diego[/text_output][/container][container id=”customb” class=”customb” style=””][text_output]“Nicole is the ONLY reason I eat kale salads! After learning I could rub down the kale to break down the roughness in texture, I’m no longer afraid of this nutrition powerhouse. Nicole makes it simple and fun to make good-for-you food. I am constantly inspired to try a new spice and I now know that I can be super satisfied with vegetarian options in my meat loving household.

I look forward to her videos, photos and recipes, but even better are her workshops where she really goes full throttle! She is so great at giving you tips and tricks to take home and be better to your body. Her knowledge is truly your power!” – D.B., San Diego[/text_output][/container][container id=”customb” class=”customb” style=””][text_output]“Nicole is no joke! This girl understands the benefits of herbs. I am usually the first person to run to a medicine cabinet when I feel sick. Was fortunate enough to run into Nicole when I had just gotten home from a long trip. Noticing I was run down, she gave me some of her Detoxify herbal tea. I drank it twice that day and can honestly say I felt much better and more energetic by the next morning. Perhaps the best part is the ingredients are all organic and the tea tastes great! I’ll definitely be stocking Detoxify herbal tea in my pantry.” – M.A., San Diego[/text_output][/container][container id=”customb” class=”customb” style=””][text_output]“If you want to eat healthy and feel great Nicole is the one to help! I tend to eat pretty healthy already but she really helped me in learning how to make the most amazing healthy food easily from the comfort of my home. Highly recommend!” – J.L., San Diego[/text_output][/container]