You see that woman who’s older than you, but exudes confidence with her vibrant energy and radiant glow, and you wonder…”what’s her secret?”

It’s time to be that woman.

I know you’ve been struggling, it’s really overwhelming out there.

And doctors don’t help when they say “you’re just getting older” or “everything looks normal.” You yearn to trust your body, have some sense of control and not be obsessing over what you eat. You know there’s a better way to live, and I want you to trust that.

And you’re probably feeling…


Frustrated that you can go to the gym 5 days a week, load up your plate with veggies and do all the smoothies you want but your body doesn’t seem to respond to any of it. You wonder what you’re doing wrong when you are following everything you’ve learned from dieting culture, and sometimes just want to say “fuck it.”


You see ad after ad on Instagram promoting weight loss, less bloating, more energy, but wonder if they’re actually legit, or a total waste of money? You see the influencers promoting their diets and their before and after photos are pretty convincing, but when you try it, you’re either always hungry or realizing that your body still doesn’t feel good and you’re not getting the results they promised. It’s hard to know who to trust, and you’re not even sure you can trust your body at this point.


After answering 100 emails, sitting though meetings and still not feeling like you were productive enough at work, you get off and need to figure out how to feed you and your family (without having to make completely separate meals). Besides the normal “unavoidable” stressors, you’re also worried about eating too many carbs or too high calorie and completely sabotaging your progress, or being able to go out to eat with the girls without feeling guilty.


You’re tired of being tired all the time and doctors saying, “you’re fine.” You’re tired because even though you don’t have a lot of energy during the day, you somehow have 100 ideas when your head hits the pillow. And you’re tired of not understanding what’s going on with your body, tired of feeling like you have to be super restrictive, and tired of just not feeling good, when you really are trying. 

You are not alone my love,

I know you’ve been trying.

Here’s the problem…

Traditional diets don’t normally take your hormones or stress levels into consideration, so you can spend hours at the gym, eating so little that you feel hungry all the time, and still feel like your body is betraying you.

You probably never learned the 5 root causes that ultimately lead to more energy, better sleep, less bloating, and an improved metabolism (hint – it’s not that supplement you saw on Instagram).

If it was too restrictive, or a complete overhaul, it probably also felt overwhelming and not sustainable, and you couldn’t imagine traveling, holidays or going out to eat without completely falling off.

It most likely didn’t address the mindset challenges or emotional eating patterns, so you feel like there is something wrong with you and wonder how so many other people have more willpower – and can’t even comprehend that this is something that can be changed (spoiler alert – it can, and it’s f***ing transformative).

Trust me when I say,

There is a better way.

It looks like this…


A step-by-step personalized method where you’ll actually start getting results in the first few months, but doesn’t take a lot of time or feel overwhelming, because you have enough on your to-do list and already don’t have the energy to get it all done.


Clear direction on how to support the hormonal issues affecting your metabolism so you can get sustainable results and feel more confident, instead of constantly trying new diets.


A way of eating that teaches you to listen to your body, love it, and trust it, instead of feeling like you’re fighting against it…so you when dinner rolls around, you aren’t obsessing over what you are going to eat and scared of what the scale will say the next day.

It is possible…

“My biggest struggles were low energy levels, acne and weight management. I was frustrated because I eat pretty healthy and workout regularly. I didn’t understand what was happening and I was relying on energy drinks to get me going.

Now my energy levels are off the charts (I stopped using energy drinks and I don’t need coffee), my skin is beautiful and my acne dissapeared, and I finally have control on my weight. Huge bonus that I look awesome in my bike spandex shorts – which I think is a hard thing to do!”

– Jen A.


The Radiant Woman Collective

Where you learn to nourish your body out of love, instead of punishing it out of shame.

In this monthly coaching membership, you’ll learn:

  • What underlying hormonal issues are affecting your energy and metabolism and the specific steps to improve them, so you can actually get results (without counting calories or feeling hungry all the time).
  • How to make small changes to what you are already doing, and finally be able to trust your body so you can feel empowered and confident in your body again.
  • How to trust your body and read the signals it’s sending, so you can stop stressing over what you are “supposed” to eat, stop trying diet after diet, and not feel guilty about going out to eat with your friends.
  • How to address the mindset factors that make you feel overly stressed out, self-sabotage, and reach for food that doesn’t serve your highest good so you feel like you finally have control. 
  • How to navigate challenges that come up so you never have to feel like you’ve “fallen off” or “need to get back to being healthy.”

What’s Included

1-1 Sessions

Bi-weekly coaching sessions offering individualized support so you can trust that you are on the right path to get results. Includes bloodwork analysis and temperature analysis for more insight into hormonal health.

On Demand Resources

On demand videos, recipes and guides to help you improve your hormones and metabolism at a pace that feels good for you.


Live (Zoom) workshops and monthly group calls covering topics like sleep, energy, digestion, libido, emotional eating and issues that matter most to you, to further support your healing journey.

Community Feed

Private client forum for support, encouragement, to share ideas, and to connect with other women in the community.

Direct Messaging

Ability to connect via DMs with me and other community members for anything that feels too private to share in the feed.


My full collection of healthy and delicious recipes including many plant based options.

Once You Join…

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside.

What you can expect on this journey…

“When I came to Nicole, I had an overwhelming feeling of helplessness. My sleep was off, my energy level was low, my libido was nonexistent, and I was just not happy. I was battling with panic attacks as well. I just felt physically and emotionally out of whack.

As I made changes to my diet and daily routines, things just gradually improved over time, until each “symptom” started fading away. Now when these symptoms show up from time to time, I know how to address them, and also am educated on the probable root causes, so that I am able to make quick adjustments without a complete backslide.

I just feel so much energy, I’m well rested, and my panic attacks have decreased immensely.

One of the most valuable things I’ve learned during my time with Nicole is to trust my instinct and to listen to what my body is telling me. I have an arsenal of tools and information at my fingertips to keep myself on track and feeling 100% almost all of the time! 

Not only do you get a wealth of knowledge during sessions, Nicole has so many modules she has put time and energy into developing to turn to as a reference when making those positive changes to your lifestyle.

She also helps you to gradually target the “why” behind the symptoms, and offers solutions that promote lifestyle changes instead of quick band-aid fixes. It’s so easy to get real with her during your sessions because she makes you feel safe to be vulnerable.” 

– Jena

Hi, I’m Nicole

I’ve taken the diet pills. I’ve cut out carbs.

I’ve skipped meals in hopes that I could change my body into something that would be more worthy of love from others, and more importantly – love from myself.

I ran a half marathon to “stay skinny” and push past the pain when my body was telling me I really just needed to slow down.

I accepted that I just wasn’t a good sleeper and the only way to quiet my mind in the evening was with supplements.

I’ve had doctors tell me that everything was normal even though I knew I didn’t feel normal, and I had to figure it all out on my own – fasting, trying supplement after supplement, and feeling like I had no control of my hormones.

And worst of all, I took all of the stories in my head as truth – not realizing how much power my thoughts had over my reality – and that there was a completely new way of thinking that could change everything….and it did.

In my quest for answers…

I got certified in nutrition and herbs and got training in lab assessments and hormones. This gave me a solid understanding of how our bodies work so I knew how to address the root cause for more natural energy, more restful sleep, less bloating and ultimately a healthier metabolism.

I started doing yoga…and through that, I learned I needed to slow down, breathe and be more present. I also started looking at exercise as a way to get stronger instead of skinnier – this simple shift was life-changing.

And then along came pole fitness…As I became stronger than I ever thought possible, I also met the most accepting and supportive community of women I had ever experienced in my life. I was encouraged to be my most authentic self and learned that true beauty comes from confidence, expression and authenticity – not a jean size or number on the scale.

And oddly (or not so oddly) enough, the more I let go of what my body should look like, the healthier, stronger and more confident I became.

Most importantly, I learned to nourish my body because I loved it and what it could do for me, instead of punishing it because it didn’t fit the ideal size I had been programmed to think I should be. 

And this is what I want for you my love….

A coaching program and community that helps you become your most confident, beautiful, and radiant self – on all levels.

That’s why I created the Radiant Woman Collective – a place where you can feel safe in your struggles, while you learn how to truly feel good in your body again.

This isn’t a diet… It’s a new way to be.

“When I came to Nicole, I was struggling with losing weight in my stomach and thighs. I felt pretty insecure about it and angry at myself for not being able to lose the weight. As we worked together, my relationship with food became much more relaxed and I was able to work on balancing out my hormones so I wasn’t always carrying extra weight.

I learned that making small changes is not as hard as we build it up in our heads and Nicole gives you solid recommendations that you can weave into your life without really even noticing that you’re doing anything different.

I definitely recommend this coaching program to anyone who is looking to change their relationship with food, who is looking to level out their hormones and take steps towards overall living a healthy life. The knowledge that Nicole has in this space is unmatched, especially for women. Not only that but Nicole is super relatable and easy to talk to, so you don’t ever feel like there’s judgement. She just wants to help you find what works FOR YOU.” 

– Meghan C.

Despite what you might be feeling right now, you weren’t cursed with bad hormones, and your metabolism isn’t broken.

You just need someone to light the path…

Got Questions?

What kind of results can I expect?

Everyone’s body is different, so there is no set timeline for your individual results. Fully balancing hormones and a strong metabolism usually take many months, but the good news is that as they start to heal, you start noticing massive improvements along the way.

In general…

Most women start having more energy and sleeping better in the first month and it continues to improve as time goes on. This makes working out and everyday life soooo much easier.

PMS symptoms may ultimately take many months to completely go away, but each month that goes by you’ll notice less painful cramps, less mood swings, more energy and less acne until you actually feel like a normal human throughout the entire month.

Menopause symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, brain fog and depression usually start to decrease within 6 weeks and continue to go down until they no longer interfere with your everyday life.

As your adrenal health improves, you’ll not only feel less stressed about things that used to make you anxious, but that little voice in your head that shames you and tells you that you’re not doing enough and gets overwhelmed with stress – will also become quieter and quieter.

Bloating and gas also usually go down within the first month and digestion improves overall in the first few months. Usually within the 3 month time period digestion can completely turn around, except in extreme cases.

Weight differs for everyone. Some women experience fat loss from the beginning, some within the first month, and some need to balance their hormones before their metabolism can properly function and that may take many months. The beauty of this is that when your hormones and metabolism are healthy, you feel much more in control, and it no longer feels like you are battling against your body.

Emotional eating varies from woman to woman. Often we are undoing years of patterns and conditions in the mind. Within the first month, you will become aware of why you keep reaching for food when you’re not hungry, or overeating, or not able to do what you say you’re going to do. The next few months involve reprogramming those patterns and in that time you’ll be able to change your behaviors and recognize your triggers and what to do when you feel like you’re backsliding.

Here are a few of the examples of what clients have experienced during and after the program.

Will this actually work for me?

I know sometimes it feels like you’ve tried everything and the only way you’ve gotten results is by doing a strict diet which just isn’t sustainable or something you want to do again. I know you’ve probably done a lot of research and still haven’t been able to figure it out so it’s hard to trust that anything is actually going to work.

The problem is that doctors and the western medicine are only looking for things they can treat with a pill and aren’t trained in nutrition. And most hormone issues that affect your metabolism, energy and sleep aren’t treatable with a pill or just one supplement. They require you to work on the 5 root causes – stress management, blood sugar balance, gut health, liver health, and micronutrient intake…and this can be super overwhelming.

The beauty of this program is that because of my in-depth knowledge of functional nutrition and hormones, paired with years of experience, I can quickly figure out the root causes that are causing the most issues for you and I have protocols that have worked for women of all ages that we can put into place.

I have yet to work with someone who didn’t see massive improvements and feel good in their body by the end. Here is some client feedback.

What happens after I purchase?


You’ll get access to the online portal and a welcome email with how to get started and navigate the community (it’s super simple).

I’ll also reach out personally to connect as I want to intimately get to know every member of the community.

From there you’ll schedule your bloodwork and first session and we’ll lay out the first steps for you to feel good in your body again.

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds available, but I have also never had someone ask for one. After the initial 3-month program, if you want to continue to stay in the community, it’s month-to-month with no contract so you can cancel anytime before the next month starts.

Do you offer discounts?

There are no specific discounts at this time, but if you feel like this path is aligned for you but you are in a tight financial situation, please reach out to me directly at [email protected]. I do offer a few scholarships at a discounted rate for those in need.

Welcome Home