How to Make Any Kale Salad Taste Good in 3 Steps

How to Make Any Kale Salad Taste Good in 3 Steps

Learn how to make a kale salad…that actually tastes delicious, I promise! Kale is a superfood for good reason. It’s full of chlorophyll which is great for detoxifying as well as many vitamins and minerals including A, K, C, B2, B6, Calcium, Iron and so much more! I swear I can hear my body saying “thank you” every time I feed it one of these bad boys.

Here’s my go-to kale salad recipe that is shown in the video.

And here’s a little recap if videos aren’t your thing…

Step 1: Prep the Kale

You’ll want to slide your fingers down the kale stems to remove them from the leaves. You can use them later for juicing, but they are too hard to chew and will ruin your salad. Then cut the kale really small so that it’s easy to get real-sized bites instead of having to cut it again.

Step 2: Massage the kale

If you just throw raw kale in a salad it’s gonna be hard to eat. Take 1/2-1 full avocado (or olive oil if avocados aren’t available) and massage it into the kale leaves until they start to soften and shrink down.

Step 3: Add the right dressing

Adding something that’s a bit tangy and sweet will help to balance out the earthy bitterness of the kale. Using lemon and/or vinegar will also help to break it down a bit more. Check out this simple recipe.

And that’s it! Hopefully this will make a kale lover out of you if you aren’t already.

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