Learn how to improve your skin health, digestion and hormones by giving up Dairy…without ever feeling deprived

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If you’re starting to feel like your relationship with dairy is coming to an end, but saying goodbye feels impossible, learn how to break up with dairy…for good.

Yes, even after a stressful day

Yes, even when the charcuterie board is staring you down

And yes, even after a few glasses of wine when it seems like the best idea ever (no more waking up full of regrets!)

Dairy is full of hormones, bad for the skin (and the environment) and may be the culprit behind bloating and digestive problems, but we still can’t seem to say no to cheese…until now.

What’s Inside…

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Learn the secrets of how to give up dairy without feeling deprived. We go through simple mindset shifts plus actionable steps to help you break the cheese addiction. We also go through non-dairy milks, cheese alternatives and tips for eating out.

Recipe Guide
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Did someone say cookies? Possibly the best vegan, gluten-free and nut-free cookies you’ll ever eat. Plus, all this…

+ Non-dairy Milk Cheatsheet
+ DIY “Milk” Recipes (oat + nut)
+ Non-dairy Cheese Cheatsheet
+ Online Shopping List
+ Recipes for chocolate dessert, mac + cheese, pasta alfredo, creamy sauces, tapenades, and charcuterie boards

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The final crucial element in making sustainable change. A simple exercise to do once a week to help hold you accountable and ensure your success.

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Hey Dairy

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