Nicole’s Story

[gap size=”2.313em”][text_output]Hi, I’m Nicole.

Certified Nutritionist. Herbalist. Aerialist. Dancer. Yogi. Music Junkie. Adventurer.

…And a little obsessed with doing handstands and cartwheels in the grass.

I founded Dance to the Beet in San Diego, CA, because I had a driving passion to connect with people like you and show you how a healthy lifestyle can be fun, sexy and delicious. You deserve to have the knowledge to heal yourself through food and have your beauty shine its brightest….whether that means recovering from a serious gummy bear addiction, getting your digestion under control, or anything in between.

I believe that life should be a celebration of all that makes you unique, so I spend a lot of time in the kitchen creating recipes to help fuel your beautiful soul…often-times while dancing in the process (because I think a little rhythm makes everything taste better).

Whether it’s a one-on-one health consultation, a healthy cooking lesson or a group wellness workshop in San Diego, I am grateful to be able to make a positive difference with my passion for self-healing as a certified nutritionist, herbalist and holistic chef.


  • Certified Nutritionist Consultant – Natural Healing Institute
  • Certified Clinical Master Herbalist – Natural Healing Institute

When I’m not in the kitchen or with clients…

You can find me climbing upside-down on things (especially aerial hoops), doing yoga, dancing at a local music show or festival, going on outdoor adventures, or living it up with the incredible group of people who I am fortunate enough to call my friends. I believe it’s extremely important to connect with yourself, others and nature in order to achieve balance and success.

My Message to You…

Life is about learning, growing, uncovering your deepest dreams and bringing them to the world as you become your most true self…and in the process, finding and appreciating the amazing connections we make. I look forward to connecting with you and bringing something beautiful and delicious to your life.

Learn more about my one-on-one Nutrition Consultations >>

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